About Unity of Inner Peace


Why we join together each week- from our September 2013 newsletter:

Why do we get together on Sunday mornings?  Is it a lifetime habit, begun when we were children?  Not such a bad habit to have.  Is it because it is a place where we feel comfortable because our individual spiritual belief systems are non-traditional and we are among others of like mind? (We’ve had visiting speakers say that being at Unity on a Sunday morning is like having a warm bath!) Support and comfort are positive factors for many reasons.  However, I would like to think and feel that our purpose in coming together is to raise consciousness, to help us live our lives more effectively, to be more effective representatives of the Christ Consciousness.

You may or may not know that Unity headquarters does not regard us as a church (because we have neither a paid minister nor licensed Unity teacher), but rather as a study group.  With that in mind, we plan to spend the year studying away!  We will, of course, continue to invite speakers from our group and the community and to introduce books that speak to our purpose, but we will also be playing some very stimulating CD  and DVD sets by prominent people in the realms of spirituality and science, series that we hope will not only hook your interest, but offer an excellent opportunity to learn in depth and stimulate life changes.

May you will feel inspired to join us, as one of the best things about Unity of Inner Peace is that it offers you the opportunity to not only listen, but to respond on the spot, to ask your questions and make your comments, enriching us all.

Here’s to an active year at Unity of Inner Peace!

Unity of Inner Peace Board members:

  • Militza Georgevich
  • Richard Leinonen (Alternate)
  • Dave McGowan
  • Judy McGowan
  • Gail Razavi
  • Ann Russ
  • Steve Schmunk
  • Bill Waters