Unity of Inner Peace services are held each Sunday morning at 10AM at the Women’s Federated Clubhouse in Marquette, MI. Everyone is welcome.

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Sunday, October 22nd

What a privilege it is to be able to invite you to hear this Sunday’s speaker, Mary Soper. She is an advanced soul, guru to many over the years. After accepting our invitation, and thinking about what she would like to share, she came up with the following:

Many have heard some of us talk about Alice Tredway, who was our spiritual teacher who lived in Munising. We studied with Alice, who had studied with many great teachers from around the world, including spending time at Pendill Hill, a Quaker community. Along the way, Alice studied energy therapy/e-therapy, and from that emerged symbols – a technique that can be used to delve into one’s spiritual being.

During this time together I will review symbols, talk about how they can be used for spiritual insights, and we will sit together for a symbol session. This should be an enlightening time together, and participants will learn a new technique for their own growth and knowledge. Symbols are great for clarification of issues, erasing past thoughts and actions, and a way to delve deeper into one’s spiritual dimensions.

Mary says, “This should be a very interesting session, and I’m looking forward to leading this time together. It will be FUN.”

In conclusion I would say, this is a unique opportunity, and we hope that you will bless us all by adding the energy of your presence. Our service starts at 10AM- hope to see you there!


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The address is 104 W. Ridge Street, Marquette, Michigan.