Unity of Inner Peace services are held each Sunday morning at 10AM at the Women’s Federated Clubhouse in Marquette, MI. Everyone is welcome.

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Sunday, November 19th

Our guest speaker this Sunday is Bill Waters. The title of Bill’s talk is “The Awakening” in which he’ll describe the positive impact his recent cancer diagnosis has had on his attitude, outlook, relationships and behavior.

From Bill:

Title: “The Awakening”

Description: the positive changes in my attitude, outlook, relationships, and behavior since being diagnosed with cancer.

Bio: Bill Francis Waters was diagnosed with colon cancer in May of this year. He has since undergone surgery and chemo therapy and has been living a basically pre-diagnosis life since. He will be 80 years “old” (please don’t call me 80 years “young” – even though I’m probably “younger” in spirit now than I’ve ever been!). It’s immensely patronizing and, for me, dishonors the worthiness, the immeasurable benefits of experience, the distinction and the intellectual and emotional profit withich can only be gained by having “been there” and lived (Lived). What does it mean to have “Lived”? A good topic for discussion, eh? – the better part of a century.

Bill is a retired NMU Criminal Justice professor whose passion and curiosity include a wide spectrum of human society and culture – except (he notes) for sports, especially professional sports!

Come join us this Sunday to hear the story of his profound, transformative journey. Our service starts at 10AM.

Sunday is also our Thanksgiving Potluck! Please bring a dish you love to eat and love to share if you are so inclined! All are welcome!


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The address is 104 W. Ridge Street, Marquette, Michigan.